Keynote Speech 1: pending
Prof. Ce Zhu (IEEE Fellow) – University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China

Keynote Speech 2: pending
Prof. XX– XX

Keynote Speech 3: Towards Cognitively-inspired, Multi-modal Big Data Informatics: Real world case studies and future research challenges
Prof. Amir Hussain – University of Stirling, UK

Abstract: Cognitive Big Data Informatics is a rapidly developing discipline, bringing together neurobiology, cognitive psychology, Big Data and artificial intelligence. Ongoing pioneering work at Stirling University is exploring the development of cognitively-inspired Big Data Informatics for engineering the intelligent systems of tomorrow. Three case studies are introduced in this talk. First, on-going research into cognitively-inspired multi-modal speech perception has led to the development of a novel context-aware, audio-visual speech processing system. The proposed framework exploits cognitively-inspired use of both audio and visual (including lip-tracking) information, with potential applications in next-generation multimodal hearing aids, listening devices and related assistive technology. The second case study focusses on open-domain sentiment analysis of natural language text using sentic computing: a novel multi-disciplinary paradigm, exploiting the semantic, latent and implicit meaning of natural language concepts. Ongoing extensions of this work include a cognitively-inspired emotion recognition system based on contextual multimodal input, including text, audio and facial information, leading to more natural human computer interaction in future social robotics and related applications. A third case study looks at detecting deception by exploiting a context-aware, multimodal processing approach. We present a brief summary of these exciting multi-disciplinary research areas, and outline some future research directions and challenges.

Keynote Speech 4: Software Development Paradigms and Practices with Intelligent Computing Environment
Prof. Arun Kumar Sangaiah – VIT University, India

Abstract: In Software Engineering and data analytics, Computational Intelligent (CI) paradigms have been adopted as a, intelligent decision support system for prediction, optimization in variety of applications. The traditional data analysis approaches are lack of efficiency, limited computational capability, inadequate and impreciseness nature of handling un-structured data. However, Computational Intelligence (CI) methodologies are high computational efficiency to integrate, explore and share high volume of un-structured data in a real time, using diverse analytical techniques for enhanced decision making. Further, CI has the capability to implement complex data via sophisticated mathematical models, analytical techniques. This key note address illustrates a short overview of computational intelligence (CI) approaches and its noteworthy character in software engineering, Internet of Things and data analytics. The focus of this talk is to study and analyse the effect of CI for overall advancement of emerging intelligent computing environment.

Keynote Speech 5: pending
Prof. Hyoungseop Kim – Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan

Invited Talk 1: pending
Prof. Yin Zhang – Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, China

Invited Talk 2: pending
Prof. Shenglin Mu – Ehime University, Japan