• Keynote Speeches/Invited Talks: Each speaker will have 25 minutes talk and 5 minutes discussion. After 30 minutes, the talk will shift to the next speaker.
  • Oral Presentation: Each speaker will have 8 minutes talk and 2 minutes discussion. After 10 minutes, the oral talk will shift to the next speaker. Oral template.
  • Spotlight Presentation: Each speaker will be allocated a total of 5 minutes for their spotlight talk. After 5 minutes, the spotlight talk will shift to the next speaker. Spotlight template.
  • Poster Presentation: Each poster should correspond to Portrait DIN A0 format. Poster template.

Tentative Program


Keynote Speech 1: Internet of Things: Applications and Security Challenges
Prof. Manu Malek (IEEE Life Fellow, CAEE)

Keynote Speech 2:Pending
Prof. Pin-Han Ho (IEEE Fellow, Univ. of Waterloo)

Keynote Speech 3:Penging
Prof. Hongbin Zha (Peking University)