Each General Registration includes admission to the technical sessions, coffee breaks, tutorials, journal recommendation, and one copy of the electronic proceedings.

The Guest Registration fee includes the admission to the technical sessions, and coffee breaks.

Before 2019/6/1 After 2019/6/2
General Registration Outside China (Member) USD900 USD1100
Outside China (Non-member) USD950 USD1200
中国大陆参会者(会员) CNY6000 CNY7000
中国大陆参会者(非会员) CNY6500 CNY8000
Guest Registration Outside China USD300 USD400
中国大陆参会者 CNY2000 CNY2500

TYPE 1:  Payment by Bank Transfer
(a) Telegraphic Transfer to MUFG Bank in Japan
BANK NAME: MUFG Bank, LTD. (Code: 0005)
BRANCH NAME: Kitakyushu (Code: 650)
BANK ADDRESS: Uomachi 1-6-16, Kokurakita, Kitakyushu, Japan
ACCOUNT NAME: Robot Sensor Network Iinkai
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 650-0887998
ACCOUNT ADDRESS: 1-1 Sensui, Tobata, Kitakyushu, Japan
TYPE OF ACCOUNT: Savings Account

(b) Telegraphic Transfer through China Bank (For China domestic ONLY) 需开具税务发票的中国大陆参会者请汇款至

TYPE 2: Online Payment by Paypal

(1) General Registration/Member


(2) General Registration/Non-Member


(3) Guest Registration


Please note that after registration, REFUND is not permitted.

For Attendees ONLY:

Journal Paper Submission

(1) Conference papers that are recommended for publication in the special issue of SCI journals must have at least 80% different material beyond any other previously published work.
(2) Journal submissions should be prepared for publication according to the journal submission guidelines.
(3) All recommended papers may be subject to a second round review process of SCI journals.
(4) Once the paper is accepted for publication in SCI journals, it may be charged publication fee, which is depending on the journal’s policy. For further information, please visit in the journal’s website.
(5) We do not guarantee recommended papers to be published in SCI journals if their (extended) paper does not reach the journal’s requirements.